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Support and promote Wells County Trails! Trails make communities more attractive places to live. When considering where to move, homebuyers rank walking and biking paths as one of the most important features of a new community. Trails provide transportation options and reduce medical expenses by encouraging exercise and other healthy outdoor activities. Many communities across America have experienced an economic revitalization due in whole or in part to trails and greenways. Trails have a positive effect on community identity and pride! #wellscountytrails

Jen Whicker

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We would like to thank everyone that made it to our first public trails discussion as an official organization. We believe that we made valuable connections through this meeting. We also believe that we gained a few more local trail advocates.

We learned from everyone that came to the event. We learned that we need to do even more marketing to get our message out to the community. We learned that we need to engage the public through events and activities. We also learned that we need additional improvements to our trails and rivers to make them safer and more accessible.

We plan to move forward and show off our community's trails as well as to grow and expand these efforts. You can join the effort by attending our events, sharing your experiences on the trails with us, signing up on our website for email updates, and following us on social media. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter

With your help we can have a bright future for trails throughout Wells County if we all work together :) #BetterTogether #WellsCountyTrails

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The other day my son and I set off to have an adventure. We always try to see something or do something that we normally don't see or do. This time we didn't want to travel to far from home. I had heard about a path that led from the White Bridge (450 E) clear through to the Crosby Bridge (Main St) on the north side of the Wabash River. It evidently had been used for years for hikers and mountain bikers to create some adventure in Bluffton, Indiana. Late winter before everything begins to grow is a great time to go exploring out in the woods. This trip did not disappoint on a warm February day. We made discoveries and had a true adventure. It was even fun to wave at people using the River Greenway from across the river. They may have thought we were lost or getting into trouble :) Wells County Trails and our community can learn from this path. Yes many people want amazing paved trails and we should always strive for those, but others in our community are looking for ways to experience adventure and nature in a more direct manner. It is as important to have these types of trails in our community. Paved trails serve one set of needs while the dirt trails serve another. While this adventure felt like it was off the beaten path it was actually on a beaten path made by many people who came there before us that wanted the same experience that we had that day.

Michael Lautzenheiser - Wells County Trails President

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