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When I moved to Ossian over 5 years ago, I was delighted to discover the walking trail at Archbold Wilson Park. I had come here from Tennessee and was living very near a large park with a trail. It was a selling point for me there and again for me here.

Last spring when the rain just seemed like it would never stop, the grass got high and it was obviously impossible for the mowing crew to keep up with it. I was amazed, when it finally dried up, how quickly the park was returned to its well-groomed look again.

I have spent many hours walking that trail and I love it more all the time. It is always well maintained. You meet walkers, runners, cyclists, mothers with children and many dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is a beautiful walk with so many changes throughout the seasons.

I do lots of serious thinking while walking, meet nice people and always feel very safe there. It is definitely a real asset for the people of Ossian and the surrounding area! 

Rose Ann Hinesly

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While we know the benefits of trails, I think one of the things we overlook is what trails do for our mental health.  There is nothing like a stroll on a trail to help clear our minds of the stresses of daily living.  We are blessed in our community to have not one but two different trails to exercise physically and mentally.

John Whicker

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Trails for a community offers so many things! It’s a way to connect with nature, wind down from a busy or stressful day, catch up with friends, family or just spend a little time by yourself. You can walk, run, jog, bike, race or even paddle your way along.

For the Bluffton Parks & Recreation Department, we definitely utilize it more for special events, particularly running events. There is nothing more fun than seeing a couple hundred women of all ages, shapes and sizes dressed in crazy outfits walking, running, jogging, pushing strollers or pulling wagons with children all while enjoying the annual Chicks Fun Run 5K! What better way to connect with others than a silly, just for fun, “race”! It’s not about how fast you finish, it’s all about connection. That’s what trails are, connections.

Pam Vanderkolk

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