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Foot Prints In The Snow

To many people trails are places for people to exercise and recreate. Yes, many people use trails for that purpose and we love that this happens across our community! However, in one photo a whole other need for trails comes into focus. Why would the Interurban Trail in Bluffton, Indiana be full of foot prints early in the morning after a nasty snow storm? Its not from a family taking an fun evening walk. It is from someone who needed the trail as mode of transportation. One of the great things about Bluffton's trail system is connects people to places. Someone could walk on the trail at anytime and get to work. They could also get something to eat or go to the grocery. That is the practical side of trails. Trails give people a safe place to walk, run, or bike. Many times it is these trail users who before the trail was built were creating their own paths through yards and parking lots trying to stay off the road. When we are trying to develop trails we should always make sure that trails are connecting people to places they need to go. This mind set will increase a trail's value significantly as well as increase the quality of life for those who desperately need them.


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